The Three-Track Teen Program is temporarily on pause, as we give focus to transitioning to new leadership and expanding our funding.

Clubs In The City Programs Update

Please enjoy exploring our exciting missions model and let us know how YOU would like to be involved!

Clubs In The City Programs Update

Clubs In The City Can Equip Churches to Conduct a Clubs Outreach
or Members Can Volunteer at Our Central Site:

Clubs In The City Can Equip Your Church to Conduct Your Own Clubs Outreach or Members Can Volunteer at Our Central Site:

Church Partnerships!

The 26-hour intensive takes place over 6 weeks and covers:
1) Understanding the characteristics of youth at-risk and how to best respond to their unique needs.
2) Approaching the work as Christian mission: developing the discipline of dependence on God and acting on His directives versus a good idea, man-driven approach
3) Using an experiential learning model: how to use skills and talents to teach character, life-skills, Biblical truth and leadership
4) Understanding the nature of spiritual warfare--how it will affect your work and how to remain strong in the battle
5) The teamwork model: understanding Biblical principles to work effectively as a team
6) The ministry worker: how to take care of ones self and remain fruitful for the long haul
7) Understanding CITC core values: why they are important and how to put them into practice
8) Effective behavior management policies and practices with at-risk youth.

Clubs in the City is a preventive program model that is tried and tested and found to be fruitful and effective in serving youth at-risk! The model is formed on a knowledge base in Biblical education, Christian Missions, Social Work and Arts in Ministry. Strategies are confirmed by best practice research in youth development!

The CITC Training Program is designed to build on the discipleship of the local church and gives church congregants an opportunity to apply the Biblical lifestyle in local missions!

Prayerfully serving together builds a powerful sense of community among team members!

A Clubs program can be set up through a church or partnership of churches in one of two ways: Clubs In The City can work in concert with an identified leader from your congregation to train your team of volunteers and lend guidance in establishing a program. A second way is that a congregation can send a qualified intern to train at the Clubs base site in downtown Raleigh for a period of a year; then establish your own site under the leadership of the intern. A Club can be run at a very low cost to churches. Expenses in many cases will be limited to food and program supplies (much of which can be obtained through donations) and printed materials that can be generated in-house. Congregants do not have to fit the traditional mold of a youth worker to participate, but can serve through the sharing of their unique gifts and talents.

Clubs In The City's 
Teen Leadership Program

 Partners with Area Churches to Combat Negative Youth Culture

We invite your youth and church youth leaders to participate with us as a team or individually. Four elements of a weekly program include:
1) Biblically-based Leadership Training 2) Leadership Coaching 3) Talent Development 4) Life-Skills Coaching. Leadership is applied in outreach venues focused on influencing other youth in Christian character, faith in Christ and making healthy choices. This outreach may take place through the regular involvement of your youth team in your local church's community outreach, Clubs In The City's Saturday Clubs, and/or speaking and performance at area youth events.

Adults forming the Leadership Team serve in one or more capacities: 1) Leadership Coaches to coach a small group and share in the training from a well-developed Biblically-based leadership curriculum 2) Talent Team Leaders to train in skills such as Computers, Graphic Design, Choral Music, Rap, Digital Recording, Drama, Dance, Video & Photography, Business, Sound & Lighting, etc. and 3) Life-Skills Coaches to assist youth in planning and preparing for future goals, etc.

Youth are referred or may apply to enter the program on the basis of these criteria: 1) saving faith in Christ; 2) a desire to grow in leadership and serve as role models; 3) an intent to make good choices from this point forward and hang out with others who are; 4) agreement to faithful attendance and positive respectful participation 5) meeting service requirements.

The program is designed to build leaders from raw material. We find that youth who are given the opportunity to become part of a positive peer culture, receive strong adult support and take on the challenge of leadership, rise up in often unexpected ways. It is a high challenge program with intensive small-group mentoring by the Leadership Coaches. The curriculum focuses first and foremost on character development and leading from a place of influence, and secondly on teamwork and leadership skills.

The program is coordinated through the Clubs In The City office:
(919) 602-2475

Clubs In The City has carefully developed a Leadership Program for High School teens, as part of our Three-Track Teen Program. Teen Leadership is designed to combat the fierce and growing pull of negative youth culture and grow youth in character according to Biblical leadership principles. We wish to partner with churches in this effort to develop young leaders and peer role models to impact their generation throughout their schools and neighborhoods and to serve younger teens in disadvantaged communities.