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Clubs In The City Programs Update

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Clubs In The City Programs Update

for Some of Wake County's Most At-risk Youth

has Built Brighter Futures

Clubs In the City

Clubs In the City has Built Brighter Futures for Some of Wake County's Most At-risk Youth

The statements below were made by youth and parents surveyed about the impact Clubs In The City programs had on their lives:

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Increased Awareness of Gifts and Talents (85%) or Reinforced Awareness (11%) = 96%
Growth in Creative Artistic Skills (85%) or Skills Reinforced (9%) = 94%
Increased Understanding of God’s Purpose & Plan for My Life (68%) or Reinforced  (11%) =79%

Reported Growth in Character (83%) or Good Character Reinforced (9%) = 92%
Growth in Getting Along with Others (79%) or Already Tolerate Differences Well (17%) = 96%
Improved in Staying out of Trouble (60%) or Already Staying out of Trouble (30%) = 90%

Growth in Ability to Lead (81%) or Leadership Reinforced (6%) = 87% 

Growth in Desire to Know or Serve God (78%) or Desire Reinforced  (16%) = 94% 
Growth in Desire to Obey God’s Word (81%) or Desire Reinforced (4%) = 85% 

The Survey captured responses from 56% of the 83 students participating  in The Teen Leader Track from 2001-12. Other students were not available at time of survey.

Increases in Faith

Increases in Leadership

Increases in Character & Life Skills

Increases in Joy, Hope & Purpose

Participants provided the following appraisal of their gains from the Leadership Program:

The Teen Leader Track is a leadership training program for high school youth. This Biblically based program focuses on establishing character traits of leadership and gives youth leadership experience through service.

Teen Leaderhip Track

Historical Outcomes 

5 young adults were launched into careers and leadership positions in urban non-profits and urban church ministry following youth worker training and volunteering with Clubs In The City.
Clubs In The City has sponsored 10 college and career level internships. 
(The career path of interns has not yet been tracked)

Clubs In The City has demonstrated its ability to serve as a training base for leaders in urban ministry and agency work:

Strong Track Record of Training Young Leaders

• Attending 4 Year College: 4
• Attending 2 Year College: 1
• Enlisted in Armed Services: 1
• Working for Raleigh Boys Club: 1
• Pregnant and not working: 2

Status One Year after Graduation of the
Teen Leader Class of 2012:

(This development garnered our resolve to deliver a continuous focus on the topics of healthy relationships and teen pregnancy prevention.) 

• Incarcerated: 1 

(Although this young man had multiple dedicated mentors, he continued to focus on disappointments related to abandonment and personal insecurities and opt to engage in risky behaviors. He contacted his primary CITC mentor from jail about turning his life back around.) 

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complete with original script, spoken word, choreography, rap and popular tunes. 

The Teen Leadership Class of 2012 Wrote, Performed and Toured a Full-length Musical about the Answer to Negative Youth Culture

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