and carefully designed for effective service to youth at-risk.

for effective service to youth at-risk.

 and carefully designed  for


Programs are

offering programs that accurately address the concerns of youth at-risk today.

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Clubs In The City is an  



To serve youth at-risk with the love of Christ. 

Clubs In The City is a preventive youth development ministry using highly strategic community-based programs to assist youth in developing skills and talents, making healthy life choices, and placing faith in Christ. 

In 1999 the Lord released a powerful vision to express His love by providing opportunity for youth to develop the gifts and talents He has placed within them, and cultivate the inner strengths to succeed in this challenging world.

Clubs In The City's Three-Track Teen Program connects caring adults with youth in a positive Christ-centered environment. Staff and volunteers are equipped to understand and respond effectively to the unique needs of youth at-risk.

The Three-Track Teen Program is temporarily on pause, as we give focus to transitioning to new leadership and expanding our funding.

Clubs In The City Programs Update

Please enjoy exploring our exciting missions model and let us know how YOU would like to be involved!

Clubs In The City Programs Update

Clubs reach out through programs in skill and talent development to foster hope and self-esteem and build character, life-skills, faith and leadership. Programs are highly strategic and formed on a wide base of expertise. Clubs are part of the solution in keeping youth out of gangs and on the road to success in Wake County.

Clubs In The City is BUILDING BRIGHTER FUTURES for some of Wake County's most at-risk youth

Social Work, Christian Missions, Biblical education, Christian Community Development and Youth Development.

Ten elements supported by leading studies in best practice research comprise this program.

They appeal to the urban youth culture and deal with real life issues.

We believe that in order to overcome the intense oppression of negative youth culture, generational poverty and high crime neighborhoods, youth and families need an opportunity to experience the love of Christ through real people in committed serving relationships. They need a "shelter from the storm." They need an opportunity to see and experience the kingdom of God and kingdom principles lived out before them and applied to daily circumstances. They need an army of prayer warriors fighting for them, to bathe their lives and communities in prayer. This is the call to which Clubs In The City has responded.

grow youth in Christian character, nurture a vision and understanding of healthy families and establish a Biblical worldview. 

Programs are specially designed to:

Commitment to prayer and relationships are our highest priorities:

Programs are exciting and culturally relevant:

Ten-fold Youth Development Model:

Programs are founded on a knowledge and experience base in:

Clubs In The City programs place a primary focus on understanding the unique needs of youth at-risk, and are carefully guided by strategies and principles grounded in leading research that result in effective service. All staff and volunteers receive training.

Strength of the Clubs In The City Ministry Model

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