Why Clubs In The City? Why Now?

Clubs In The City programs are carefully designed to release creativity and identify “sparks” (intrinsic areas of interest and gifting that ignite motivation and promote well-being and reflect our God-given created purpose.) This is the motivation and creativity that rising generations will need to pursue innovation and flexibility in the future world of study and work, as automation replaces many current means of employment. Clubs In The City programs feature many areas of skill and talent with special focus on arts and technology. Research by the Search Institute states that 54% of youth have sparks in the creative arts and conclude that youth who know their sparks and have adult support in developing them, are less likely to experience depression and engage in acts of violence against others. They are more likely to have higher grades and school attendance rates, be socially competent and physically healthy, volunteer to help others and be good stewards of the earth and its resources. (Discover Your Sparks, stepituptothrive.org) 

Clubs In The City represents a very thorough and concentrated model of mentoring to instill hope, foster a new identity and open youth to opportunity. Afterschool programs and teen centers that provide academic mentoring, recreation, and safe, positive environments in the after school hours are important. But Clubs In The City’s Three-Track Teen Program is designed to fill a complimentary and necessary niche by going deeper in its mentoring impact. Its programs are found to significantly enhance academic performance by improving overall well-being.

Clubs In The City is designed to reach out to the most disadvantaged and disconnected youth through intentional community outreach. Youth most vulnerable to “life on the streets” whose parents work long hours; youth from generational poverty; youth whose family structures are broken and whose communities are distressed and crime-ridden are served.

Clubs In The City programs represent a very fun and culturally sensitive model of Christian missions outreach to invite youth into the vibrant hope we have in Christ and a transforming personal walk with Christ. The focus of Clubs In The City programs is expressing the great and bountiful love of our Heavenly Father and His invitation to be part of His forever family. Clubs In The City is a ministry for the church and by Christ’s people for this day and hour. Programs demonstrate the goodness of the Father in a tangible way that is felt and experienced.

Clubs In The City programs garner a large sector of volunteer involvement by operating on Saturdays and evenings. 

Clubs In The City programs are designed to grow youth in Christian character, nurture a vision and understanding of healthy families and establish a Biblical worldview. If the body of Christ does not fully take its place to break the bonds of despair through humble and compassionate serving rooted in authentic relationships—and teach and model values that lead to healthy lifestyles—the groundswell of eroding values and broken families will overtake more and more of our society.

Moms continually approach ministry staff to ask, "Can you help me keep my son off the streets?" "Do you have something for my boy?"  

Community sites and agencies have asked to have Clubs In The City programs. We need your help to respond to the need to serve more youth.

The need for effective preventive programs is evident and serious.

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