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Statement of Faith



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price for our sins that we should have paid. He was buried, and on the third day He arose again in a bodily resurrection. He ascended into heaven to Gods right hand where He intercedes for His people and rules as Lord over all. We believe in His imminent visible return.

5.We believe in the person and deity of God the Holy Spirit, and that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to the Christian life. The Holy Spirit convicts men of sin; persuades men to repent and confess Jesus Christ as Lord; empowers men to overcome sin and walk in unselfish love toward God and man, and enables believers to commune with God. We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers the believer for service and imparts gifts for the edification of the Body and the work of ministry in the world.

6.We believe that eternal life comes only through faith and trust in the work done by Jesus Christ upon the cross. This eternal life is available to every person called of God who will trust his/her lives to Jesus Christ. The final estate of man is that for the one who receives salvation there is everlasting life in the presence of God, and for those without salvation is everlasting separation and punishment because of their unbelief.

7.We believe that God created mankind (male and female) in His own image and that each human being is deeply loved of God and has God-given beauty, gifts, abilities, unique elements of personality, significance, purpose and potential for glorifying the Creator in his/her person. Man was tempted by Satan and rebelled against God. Thus all men are sinful by nature and in need of redemption.

8.We believe that angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve and worship God and to minister to people. Lucifer, the angel of highest rank, sinned through pride and thereby became Satan. Satan is the active enemy of God and of Gods people, opposing and exalting himself above God. Many angels followed Satan, some of whom became demons and are active as Satans agents in the world.

9.We believe in the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ. It is the proclamation of His birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of the Gospel, His victory over death and resurrection is the power of the Gospel and His ascension is the glory of the Gospel. We believe that the Gospel of Christ is to be preached to all mankind, and that those who believe should be baptized and discipled

1.We believe that there is only one true God. He is the sovereign Creator of all that is, He is eternally existent and is known to us as three distinct persons, being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God made man for fellowship with Himself, and intended that all creation should live to the praise of His glory. God reveals Himself and His will to all mankind through His creation, the conscience of man, His Son and His written word.

2.We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, divinely inspired and without error in its original manuscripts and that it is the sole authority for all matters of Christian belief and practice. The Bible is not to be added to, superseded, or changed by later tradition or extra-biblical revelation. Every proclamation that professes to be a word from God must be put to the test of the full counsel of God in the Holy Scriptures.

3.We believe in God the Father, the source and end of all, infinite in power and wisdom, perfect in holiness and love.

4.We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, that He was fully God and yet fully man. We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, that He is the only begotten Son of God, and that He lived a perfect, sinless life only to suffer and die upon a cross for the sins of all people. His death was a substitutionary death as He paid the price

Statement of Faith